We would love to welcome you to a bilingual atmosphere for families of all backgrounds. We also want to assist you in building strong healthy family relationships by providing marriage preparation and parenting programs. We have great children’s programs and parents facilities too.


We are having community called Tokyo Mums.
Once a month, we have “Tokyo Mums Event” in Roppongi area including Babies English time, fun themed activity and message every month.
We also have “Tokyo Mums Circle” every Thursday.
By meeting at different houses each week, we offer a house party style gathering in a comfortable space for mums and kids to have fun and fellowship.
Tokyo Mums is a place where mums and housewives can get to know each other and learn together to shine more as a wife and a mother while enjoying fellowship.
Please join us!

More details, please visit our blog or facebook page.
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Tokyo Mums Facebook Page

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We have Bible based Marriage and Parenting Seminars where you can learn about God’s design for a healthy family. We also provide great Kids Care during these seminars so you don’t have to worry about your kids.


Marriage Preparation Course is a ministry to help the couples before their wedding so they can have a great start in their marriage life.
We learn God’s wisdom and talk about the love in the Bible, meaning of the marriage, some anticipated problems in the marriage, and give some advice on the budget for their honeymoon.

This course has:

Chapter 1: Marriage
Chapter 2: Ready for Marriage
Chapter 3: Love
Chapter 4; Goals & Finances
Chapter 5: Communication & Conflict
Chapter 6: Sex in Marriage

The couple can have their wedding when this course is completed.


Lifehouse Marriage Preparation Course is available only to committed members of Lifehouse Church.
Lifehouse Marriage Seminar is held twice a year and is open to everyone, but recommended for:

– Married couples who have not yet done the Marriage Preparation Course.
– Married couples who have done the Marriage Preparation Course and want a refresher.
– Married couples who are interested in biblical teaching on marriage, but are not yet Christian.