Shakaijin (Workers) is our community for both Japanese and foreign workers over 26 years old who meet frequently at various events. It’s a community for business men and women who gather together to encourage and empower each other to be a positive influence in the workplace.
Please come along! You can find your place here!

Tokyo Biz

Tokyo Biz is a networking event for workers held every 2-3 months. It’s on Friday nights and is a great chance to make new connections while enjoying food and drinks. At each event we have a large number of people participating. It’s a perfect place to exchange cards with others and grow your network of contacts.

Tokyo de Lunch

Tokyo de Lunch is where we gather for lunch with those who are working in the same area to build relationships with church friends and co-workers alike. We meet in various restaurants at various locations throughout the Tokyo area. See our Facebook page to find one near you.