Lifehouse is a bilingual International church where lots of people come to encounter God and to enjoy awesome friendships. The name “Lifehouse” itself reflects our heart as a church of a place where people can freely come and experience God’s amazing love in an exciting and fun atmosphere.

Based in Tokyo Japan, Lifehouse started in 2002 with 16 people. Now we have multiple services and campuses not only in Tokyo but also in Yokohama, Atsugi, Yokosuka, Osaka, Kobe, Sapporo, Sendai, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bali and Honolulu.

If you’ve never been to church before, please come and be our guest. You will find that the atmosphere is friendly, warm and inviting.


Ps Rod & Viv Plummer Senior Pastors Lifehouse International Church

SENIOR PASTORS – Rod & Viv Plummer

Our senior Pastors, Ps Rod and Viv Plummer, are true pioneers with a passion to reach all people with God’s message. Not only do they pastor all of our Lifehouse Churches across Japan and beyond, but they have also pastored for many years in Australia, and have overseen and led multiple church-planting projects in several other nations such as Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

In response to God’s call Ps. Rod and Viv, along with their two sons, left a large thriving church in Toowoomba Australia to plant a new church in Tokyo Japan.

Our pastors hearts are to inspire, mentor, and equip hundreds of young Japanese and foreign leaders to minister to the needs of people not only in the greater Tokyo area, but throughout Japan and beyond.

Ps Rod is truly known as a “training pastor”, having raised up and discipled hundreds of young people to serve in all areas of ministry.

Our pastors are the true embodiment of what it means to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19 NIV)


What is Church?

Simply, Church is God and people. Church is not a place, or a building, or a style. Church is a community of people who come together to learn more about Jesus and encounter his amazing love, and then help others to do the same. Lifehouse is full of young people who are experiencing God’s love; not as a far away God, but as a close God whose desire is to have a personal relationship with us. We believe church should be fun and full of joy! It is a safe place to grow and learn in all areas of life. In church you will find life-long friends, feel encouraged and learn things that will help you with school, work, friends, relationships, finances, family and so much more.

Do I have to be a Christian?

No, every week people who are not Christians join Lifehouse. All are welcome. Most are shocked at how fun our services are and how friendly the people are. There is never an obligation to become a Christian but if you would like to know more about God and the bible, or meet new people, church is a great place to start!

What happens at a Lifehouse service?

At Lifehouse Church we love to creatively express our love for God. So you might walk into the start of a service and wonder if you have walked into a concert. Can this really be church? The answer is Yes! We love celebrating and worshiping God with contemporary Christian rock, pop and techno music played by our Lifehouse band. All songs are bilingual and the words are all projected on screens so that you can sing along if you like. After the music a church leader will get up and deliver an uplifting message about Jesus. Everything that happens in a Lifehouse service is bilingual (Japanese and English). After the service there will be an opportunity to grab a drink and meet and chat with new friends.

Do I have to pay for anything?

No, all our church services are free! We give people an opportunity to give every week, but this is not compulsory. If it’s your first time to visit our church, we have a small present for you.

Do I have to register to come to church?

There are no registrations or sign ups necessary.

What should I wear?

Whatever clothes you feel most comfortable in. Most people seem choose the smart casual look.

Does everyone speak english?

No, You don’t need to speak English to be a part of the Lifehouse family. At church there are people from all over the world with many different languages, but in our services everything is done in 2 languages: Japanese and English.

Are the people friendly?

Yes! When you come in the door, friendly people will welcome you, show you around, and help you get connected.

Do you use the Bible?

Yes. We believe that the bible is God’s letter to the world. It is full of wisdom and power that will help and empower your life. Every week we use it to learn more about God and his plans for our lives because we know that it will help us to live with power, joy, and vision.


Lifehouse Tokyo, International Church in Tokyo




Lifehouse Tachikawa, International Church in West Tokyo




Lifehouse Tokyo, International Church service is Ochanomizu, Central Tokyo